Holy Hell!

I made it another day and it feels beyond amazing. I woke up in the same exact position i feel asleep so i was obviously very tired and I finally listened to my body and told my brain to take a hike. There is a glimmer, maybe a small ray of sunshine peaking out from behind the clouds, of hope that my “no power” is getting stronger everyday. I know 15 days is nothing in the grand scheme of things, scratch that, 15 days is f&*#ing amaze balls! (think positive self) but and it is a half way point and having these days built up is really keeping me from turning back to the old drunken disaster that i was.

I am heading to see my very pregnant sister tomorrow and i couldn’t be more excited. I am meeting up with a friend and my younger cousin while I’m there as well which has me a little on edge. Luckily its in the middle of the week so my hope is that they will want to go to breakfast or lunch and not to go to happy hour or dinner. I am still being pretty secretive about my sobriety mainly because I have failed at it before and I don’t want to fail again. I have learned that people without drinking problems could care less if you drink or not but usually the people that have a real issue with the new sober you are also struggling with alcohol abuse and either arent ready to take a look at their own actions, or have yet to discover that they have a problem. It makes sense, that was definitely me at one point, the person that was always pouring more into your glass or the “come on one more drink” person. I did this so I wasn’t the only one making an ass out of myself or the only one that had to make apologies the next day. Misery loves company and I was a miserable human being.

Onward and upward! I am pretty pumped to get all the things i need to do done today and I’m also very pumped that I’m not having to pack and do school work with a major hangover. Yay me!





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