Poop Talk

Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I know everyone has been twiddling their fingers waiting for a new post. HA!

I am at the airport headed back to Colorado and I am successfully at 27 days sober and I can literally tell you it does get easier. I haven’t even thought about alcohol. I spent two days interviewing with VP’s of billion dollar companies and also spoke to a woman in the HR of the companies. She told me that she appreciated that I have gone the “path less traveled” (AKA my move to a random state after college all alone) and had a plethora of interesting jobs (AKA jumped from odd job to school to crappy jobs again) in different fields because it shows character and gives me a different perspective. (hmmmm ok?!) She also said that I am a perfect fit for their company she just has to find an open position. I know this does not mean I have a job in the bag but:

A. I was able to speak with confidence in my interviews and

B. I really do believe I would be a huge asset to the company.

This is a far cry from my normal belief that if someone wanted to hire me its because i “pulled the wool over their eyes”. I actually sat in the car pretty nervous about meeting these people because they are huge hitters in the industry but I told myself they might be multimillionaire business people but they are just people that probably have daily struggles just like you and you might not have a glowing resume but you have a glowing personality and you are intelligent and charismatic and they would be lucky to have you…I know that little pep talk kept me calm and confident when talking for 3 hours about my strengths and weaknesses.

On another note there has been so many changes mentally but physically too.

***Disclaimer: I am an open book when it comes to body functions and i think they are not gross but pretty good indicators so stop reading if you don’t like to talk about poo***

i have obviously mentioned the mental changes i have had over the past 27 days. I feel happier, like I’m high on a regular basis, i ACTUALLY smile, like a real smile, not my normal forced grin/grimace/bitchy face, I sleep like a log and i have woken up every day before 8 am feeling rested. I have noticed that my sclera (whites of my eyes) have become whiter! I never looked in the mirror before and been like wow look at your sclera self, but I do notice that there are less blood vessels and they are no longer an off white but incredibly white! Weird, I know. Also, my poop is like beyond perfect, I have read numerous books about poop, WAY TOO much info I know, but assessing your poop really is a great tool to know how your body is functioning. Mine has gone from not so great (regular bouts of diarrhea and cramping) to just fabulous and regular! i actually smile when I realize how good my bowels feel. I noticed my skin has started to really clear up. I didn’t have acne or anything like that but it always looked so dull and now it is almost glowing. My sugar cravings are finally dissipating and I am still working on my coffee addiction but all in all i really feel like a new person and cannot fathom going back!

I like how i grouped interviewing with a huge company and talking about my poop all in the same post 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday Y’all!





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