I could have accomplished all my goals but I can’t quit pizza

I have been thinking. I, along with most problem drinkers of the world. Give far too much power to alcohol. I mean if you think about it, alcohol is a liquid, like every other liquid that we consume, so why does it have so much power? Its like if you were overweight and you blamed pizza for all the troubles in your life. Ridiculous right? Why is there such pressure associated with drinking on a night out with friends? Why do you feel like you NEED to have a glass/beer/shot when the weekend comes to unwind. If you replace all those things with pizza it sounds so ridiculous but I don’t know too many people who struggle with having too much pizza. I have an acquaintance that writes a pretty successful blog mainly about how to get a head in business, but his last blog has been stuck in my head. He was talking about an army ranger that gave a speech at a local college and he said if you want to make a change, make your bed….I have thought about this for a while and it is so true. When I think about my decision to buy/open/consume that one bottle at night I am ultimately causing a ripple effect in my world and not only is that night effected, the next two days and who knows, probably longer than that is effected. When I think to myself, I can have a pizza, it won’t effect anyone, I am kind of throwing in the towel. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone or if anyone even still reads this, but every choice I/you make defines you and your journey.


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