Ch Cha Changes

First let me preface this for all you non existent folks out there that I am still working on sobriety but honestly I’m tired of talking about it. Th h whole point of being sober, for me, is to stop letting alcohol control my every waking minute and it almost seems counterintuitive to talk about not drinking on here, talk to a therapist about struggling to not drink, going to AA and talking about all the crazy shenanigans that you have participated in whilst drinking, and lets be honest, my mind really likes to only remember the good memories and then I want to drink!

So I am just going to start talking about the shit I want to talk about that might not necessarily have anything to do with drinking.

I signed up for Orange Theory a while ago, I think I did it for a few months and I will say if you stick to the program it does work (sound familiar any AA folks? 😉 However, I have noticed a few things that are less then stellar with this company. Firstly, the membership fees, HOLY BALLS! Who in the world has that much disposable income. I might have gotten used to not paying for gym memberships cause I either dated a guy that owned a gym or new people that were in the cross fit community so I usually went for free or paid some nominal price, BUT $159/month sucks and the other memberships are completely worthless like who is going to go 4 times in a month for $99. Also, there is this associated fee if you miss a class you signed up for. Welp I hate to say but my schedule and traffic patterns are not under my control so when I get called into a meeting 10 minutes before I was going to leave its going to take priority over my workout class AND YOU KNOW WHAT it has to so I can keep paying that freaking fee! I have been charged at least 3 times a month of$14 for missing classes. I get having people pay that so they don’t flake out but its like sometimes shit happens and usually it doesn’t happen within 8 hours of my workout class, but guess what? If you sign up for another class in the same day, that fee gets waived. Never knew that because point 3. The front desk staff is very, how should I say, dim…is that the right word? Maybe its just the club I went to but they do not explain anything in “full detail”. It might be the training they get but come on OT I think I deserve to know that my heart rate monitor that I purchased for $60 after being told it would be provided free prior to all classes, doesn’t work well with any other app and if you cancel your membership you lose your app, or how if I call to cancel i can just sign up for the next later class and I won’t get charged, OR that the monthly membership is a MINIMUM of 2, yes thats right, TWO months.<- WTF Seriously stop calling it a month to month membership, call it a two month membership. Vent done! Like I said I have worked out in many different gyms and I can honestly say if losing weight and getting cardio endurance is your goal, this is the place to be as long as you have a pretty large disposable income, very flexible scheduling and understand that front desk people arent always the greatest.



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