Itty bity juice boxes

Cooking is one of my stress relievers, I could call it my meditation my happy place. I get lost in the tastes and smells and seasoning and searing and plating and garnishing! Something about serving the ones you love something that comes from the heart is so rewarding. I spend a hell of a lot of money on this experience probably close to $80 a week. The problem is cooking has always been synonymous with wine, lots of wine. Yesterday I was challenged. I wanted to make Seafood Paella, this in itself is not the problem, its the 1/2 cup of white wine that was the issue. During my anesthetized days I would be sure to look up recipes that called for wine. Oh shoot I need a 1/2 cup of wine for this sauce, better get three bottles so I have enough…you know…for the recipe.

I mulled it over at work for a few hours. What if I just use chicken stock and not wine? No, wine is part of what makes it delicious and am I always going to have to avoid recipes with alcohol involved? What if I buy like cooking wine? You know better than that, food network has told me on many occasions that you only cook with something you would want to drink….Well…Shit

Hey, but who knew that you could buy a single serving of wine in a tiny bottle? Not me,  I mean I guess I knew that, I have seen mini bars at hotels I just wouldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams why anyone would get A, 1, UNO bottle of wine. Whats the point?

As I waited in line I learned a new mental strategy while looking at this tiny little box of wine, kinda like a juice box, Whats the fucking point? Really what is the point to getting drunk and causing chaos. The juice in this tiny juice box is really something that is controlling me, causing me so much angst?

I bought some stuff to make Fauxhitos (Fake Mojitos, I just came up with this term don’t steal it!). It really hit the spot. I don’t like liquor at all (I know, weird, an alcoholic that would turn down liquor, its just never been my thing) so I really didn’t miss the rum but it felt good to have a fancy drink while whipping up this meal, made me feel classy and definitely took my mind off of wine.

Next time I have a yearning to check out of life I am going to try to remember to tell myself “whats the point?” what are you trying to achieve? “Need a break, eat a snickers or take a walk or make a fauxhito and color your extra cool adult coloring book.

P.S. Have you seen the weird color of whats in children’s juice boxes, I’m just saying…

Happy Thursday!