A Wrinkle in Time

Holy Balls batman where did all this time come from. I have probably written a post about how much time you seem to gain when not consumed by massive hangovers or swimming through the evenings in a dense fog of drunkeness but look at that I can’t remember, and it would be to nauseating to search through all the other posts to see if I have, so here goes.

I tell you what, I am not the early bird gets the worm kinda gal. I normally roll into work at 9:30 and I’m exhausted by noon. I would work out in the evening then proceed to get blasted from 6- 11 shove food of sorts in my mouth deciding if its too late to go get another bottle. Usually i was more prepared and had enough to accomplish my task at hand. Hey, at least I was a forward thinking drunk. Waking up the next day I would curse my idiocy and slink into the office hoping no one would notice the wine stench emanating through my copious amounts of perfume.

Those were the days, and by that I mean days of mania. I never knew what my day would entail. I would call in to meetings instead of going to them just so my lack of self care wouldn’t be noticed. When I had to go to meetings I would sit quietly as not to be noticed and defiantly not breath on someone unless I had 10 pieces of gum in my mouth, well I wouldn’t really breath on people anyways cause thats just gross, but you get the point.

Anywho now a days time seems to passssss sooooo slowlllllly, I can’t decide if its a good thing or not. It gives me too much time to reconsider this new lifestyle but it also feels so great. Lately (I am not sure I will maintain this or want to, I’m still a sleep in kinda gal and will be fo life) I have been waking at 4:45, working out, heading into work by 7:15 well dressed and showered. I have made meetings with people I never would have contacted before and I am speaking up for myself. I head home at 5 or so and either get dinner started or lounge with the pups or take them to the dog park if it isn’t too hot. I am in bed by 10. Hell the other night I played some kinnect video game that I’m sure was for children working up a sweat only to go jump into the pool with my boyfriend until 10 pm. All Sober and so much fun and let me tell you the sex is phenomenal its like I just got a prescription for glasses and never knew I was legally blind. I hope this momentum continues.

I know there will still be boring days and days that I am sad or things just arent right, but those days won’t even compare to how bad the bad days used to be.

(P.S. My mom read me this book when I was little and I remember it being super creepy but I don’t remember the actual book so disregard if the title makes absolutely no sense to the post)